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We specialize in the provision of Hard and Soft Facility Management Services delivering consistent quality through a detailed process framework.


Small or big, your business will love our accounting help! We are happy when our clients are too… Actually, this is quite simple to achieve – because each time we help them in sorting out different accounting intricacies or save the day before filing the taxes, they are happy indeed! And so are we!

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Over two decades(since 1997) we have been in the business of Facility Management services, our expertise is in delivering a sustainable, efficient and fully integrated facilities management quality services to diverse range of clients.

Our Core Expertise

We take a Preventative approach to the Maintenance of all Facilities within our portfolio.

Covering all sectors of industry

We are presently engaged in full spectrum of Integrated Facilities Management and Maintenance of properties and equipment in various industry sectors such as but not limited to financial institutions, commercial properties, retail outlets, residential, hospitality, energy sector, specialized Properties religious facilities, educational facilities..

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