Our Core Expertise

At Provast we believe in sustaining a problem free environment for our clients by providing a one stop shop services tailor to meet individual requirement. We understand the dynamics of today’s changing markets and the necessity for our clients to continuously improve their services and products. We believe that a professional and dedicated Facility Management team is therefore essential to ensure flexibility and responsiveness to our clients.

Integrated Facilities Solutions Our approach is a long-term complex, innovative multi-service provider. As an Integrated Facility Service provider we manage all service deliveries, administration, training, operational management, integration, innovation and provides strategic support to our clients’ organization. In order words instead of having several external service partners working with various service deliveries it is integrated in one solution as illustrated below.

  • We have approved specialist sub-contractor from local community who handles facilities under close supervision of Provast team.
  • We have developed strong partnerships with reputable vendors in order to deliver clients’ facilities management requirements
  • We see our vendors as strategic partners and through economies of scale, are able to reduce costs for our clients
  • Our vendors contracts are specifically tailored to our clients’ needs and to adhere to health, safety and environmental(HSE) standards

Other Integrated Facilities Management Services we offer our clients also includes the following;

  • Asset Acquisition Consultation
  • Asset Management
  • Building Management System
  • Building Fabric Maintenance
  • Strategic Facility Development
  • Building inspections
  • Catering Services
  • Green facilities Management Guidelines
  • HSE Consultation – Compliance Audits, Waste Management and Environmental Audits

Property Management Services We have the system, process, and qualified, dedicated service professionals required to manage the life cycle of all facilities within our portfolio to ensure an effective and efficient environment. We work closely with our clients to develop effective Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) programmes that reduce downtime and extend the lifecycle of physical assets. Our in-house project management team manage and control all small renovations and upgrades for mechanical, electrical, power and building works. We follow traditional project management principles, ensuring that our clients receive the best value for money

We think smart on how to upgrade our Services by using all availability resources.

Total Quality Management System Provast is result driven, and we believe that clients want to see an appreciable amount of performance in terms of quality improvement of services, maximum value, cost improvement, compliance and satisfaction. We have consistently provide services that meet customers, applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, to operate increased effectiveness and efficiency with the overall aim of enhancing customer satisfaction. Provast has been awarded the ISO 9001:2008 certification by the Standards Organization of Nigeria. Our Objective is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction on all executed contracts and 100% compliance on specific customer requirement.

We are dedicated to providing the best wide-range of Quality, Value and Services tailored to meet clients’ needs.

Maintenance Management System We have the caliber manpower, tools and equipment that will ensure effective management and maintenance of facilities. With the application of technology; we will utilize a Computerized Maintenance System (CMMS) in order to implement a robust corrective and preventive maintenance management process, which shall improve the life of the assets and reduce the future maintenance costs. This helps us to record the history of the assets in order to determine the trends in maintenance costs and asset performance which can be used to accurately project capital expenditure. The Advantages utilizing our CMMS system includes:

  • It will house the Asset Register and PPM Schedule and provide in depth reports on operational details and asset condition.
  • Fault logging can be traced
  • All PPM’s are carried out to the Provast Engineering Standards utilizing specific task sheets for each maintenance task
  • Provast Procedures and Processes are based on current best in class International Standards.
  • By using modern technology and best practices, a cost saving labour can be transferred to the occupants and increasing the life cycle of the equipment

Asset Management In order to provide comprehensive solutions to any facility managed by Provast, we look into the information and data of the assets facility (which we already have) including maintenance activities, specifications, purchase date, expected lifetime, service contracts, service history and key in the solution through the help of the management and maintenance workers.

Mobile Technical Team Our Mobile Technical Team which consists of dedicated and qualified technical service personnel’s are always on ground to provide solutions to meet our clients’ demand. 

Procurement/Logistics Management  Our procurement department which is one of the pillars in Provast core function has reduced the cost by creating a pool of approved suppliers/sub-contractors centrally across all our wide ranging portfolio of assets. We procure local and international products, especially items that are not available in the country. With the use of Advanced Model Technologies and skilled personnel’s who handle items professionally as regards Manufacturers Instruction. We have the ability to provide suitable alternatives in the event of unavailability of products, we also provide support services for other regional branches.

Our Objective is to ensure Issuance and Delivery of stock materials/items within 24hrs on request subject to availability.

Centralized Stores Our centralized store accommodates all goods/materials which are issued to meet our clients’ requirement. These items are categorized based on the technical requirement; Ac, Electrical, Masonry, painting, Carpentry, Cleaning services, Swimming pool, Water treatment chemicals etc. The items are kept in the store on the basis of the;

  • Demand
  • Available space
  • Availability of the the item
  • Life span of the item