Property Management

Our property management department ensures that our clients receive value for their investment(s) through:

  • Client Liaison – regular meetings with clients and daily updates when required.
  • Monthly accounts (prepared under IFRS) and audits.
  • Utilities Management – billing, processing and payment of utility bills in a timely manner.
  • Energy Management –renewable energy applications and energy saving *initiatives.
  • Lease Management and Administration.
  • Advice, through our in-house legal representative, on leasing terms and conditions.
  • Assistance with sourcing for tenants to occupy leased properties.
  • Budgeting and provision of an annual budget.
  • Manage and control revenues and expenditure related to the property.
  • We provide consulting services during the design phase of new property developments to ensure that best practice is followed in the implementation of energy efficient equipment and where possible renewable energy applications

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